Softball Schedule
Posted Feb 20, 2018

Season runs:

6U Coed
Posted Mar 7, 2018


LEAGUE 6U™ is an instructional league to teach three, four, five and six-year-old players the fundamentals of baseball and softball by the simplest method possible - letting them play the game. If this purpose is kept paramount, SHETLAND 6U™ LEAGUE can be a valuable addition to the more formally organized leagues for older players. Emphasis must be on instruction, not on the league championship. 

6U™ LEAGUE coaches are allowed on the field to offer instruction during the game. The rules require that players be given the opportunity to try different positions, and that all of them get to play in every game. 

Players in this age range have a short attention span in any single activity and games must move rapidly. Only the basic fundamentals of the game should be brought out. It is not uncommon for players of this age, initially, to be unfamiliar with which is first base, which is third base, and which field is left and which is right. Lack of knowledge indicates merely that the player has not yet been introduced to the game and has no relationship to the player's potential athletic ability. 

Posted Mar 7, 2018

8U™ LEAGUE is an instructional league to teach eight and under (Minimum age 3 in Baseball, 4 in Girls Softball) players the fundamentals of baseball and Softball. 

8U™ LEAGUE comes in three flavors, Coach Pitch, Machine Pitch and Player Pitch.If your community does not offer a SHETLAND LEAGUE it is recommended the pitching core be handled by coach-pitchers, or a pitching machine. If the Shetland League is not used in your community, it may even be good to start PINTO 8U™ LEAGUE players with the batting-tee, switching to the coach-pitch format in the latter part of the season. 

Posted Mar 7, 2018

10U™ LEAGUE begins Baseball and Softball belief that rather than change the rules of Baseball and Girls Softball to make it possible for young people to play the game, it is more logical to change the size of the diamonds, to adjust them to the physical potential of the players.

Use of diamonds matched to their capabilities permits younger players to play in the same proportionate position as the Major Leaguers and to make the same plays as a Major Leaguer. The double play, the squeeze play, the force play, etc. all become probabilities instead of remote possibilities.

Beginning with 10U™ LEAGUE Baseball, the players are playing real baseball in accordance with The Rules of Major League Baseball as well as specific PONY rules that are in place to supersede the MLB rules where appropriate such as pitching, substitution, re-entry, etc. 10U™ LEAGUE Girls Softball plays in accordance with the Girls Softball Rulebook.

With scaled down bases and pitching distances, players react quite favorably to the greater challenge of the game and have little difficulty mastering the transition.

Posted Mar 7, 2018

12U™ LEAGUE is a continuation of the philosophy to fit the diamond to the physical potential of the players.

The bases and pitching distances are scaled up slightly from 10U™ LEAGUE.

The transition diamond used in 12U™ LEAGUE, permits infielders and outfielders to select their defensive positions in relationship to the anticipated speed of the ball when they field it.

Without this transition diamond, 12U™ LEAGUE players play their position disproportionately closer to the bases, infield and pitcher.

This diamond positions the infielders and outfielders in direct proportion to that assumed by Major League Baseball players and Professional Girls Softball players and permits the younger players to play the game as it was designed to play.